mimosa A5-90 Точка доступа 802.11ac до 250 клиентов 1.0Gbps

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Точка доступа с секторной антенной mimosa A5-90,стандарт 802.11ac 4x4:4 MIMO, мощность 30 dBm, поддержка до 250 клиентов—в интернет-магазине NetworkTools (044)362-80-95

The Mimosa A5-90 Sector access point redefines disruptive. Due to our innovative approach, these access points are the fastest speed and highest capacity (250+ clients!) Wi-Fi/fixed access solution in history - changing the way consumers connect forever. The product uses Multi-User MIMO, advanced synchronization and antenna isolation techniques to achieve the highest capacity in a single access point and network-wide through spectrum re-use.

The Mimosa A5-90 is beneficial to many different markets, ranging from the smallest fixed wireless ISPs to the largest wireline and mobile operators. Additionally, due to its extremely high gain and spectrum re-use technology, it is ideal for long-distance and collocation applications.

Технические спецификации Mimosa A5-90:

Max Throughput Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
Client Capacity 256+ Clients
Low Latency 8 ms
Wireless Protocols Wi-Fi (RTS/CTS)
Mimosa Flexible TDMA
MIMO & Modulation 4x4:4 MIMO OFDM up to 256QAM
Bandwidth 20/40/80 MHz channels tunable in 5 MHz increments
Frequency Range 4900-6000 MHz restricted by country of operation (*new* US/FCC 5600-5650 support)
Max Output Power 30 dBm
Sensitivity ( MCS 0 ) -87 dBm @ 80 MHz
-90 dBm @ 40 MHz
-93 dBm @ 20 MHz
Gain 21 dBi
Beamwidth ( 3dB ) 70º azimuth
Elevation Adjust ± 20°
Electrical Downtilt
Front-to-Back Isolation 90 dB
Polarization 4 Panels, Alternating Circular Polarization
Max Power
25 W
System Power Method 802.3at compliant
System Lightning &
ESD Protection
6 kV
PoE Power Supply Passive PoE compliant, 48-56 V Power over Ethernet supply with IEC61000-4-5 surge protection
Dimensions Height: 663 mm
Width: 410 mm
Weight 6.55 kg
Outdoor UV-stabilized engineered polymer with integrated mounting panel
Wind Survivability 200 km/h (125 mph)
Wind Loading 39 kg @ 160 km/h (86 lbs @ 100 mph)
Mounting Interchangeable 2 piece (top and bottom) brackets. 1 fixed element, and 1 adjustable scissor bracket providing up to ±20º elevation adjustability depending on bracket position.
Outdoor Ingress
Protection Rating
IP44 with IP67 Ethernet Gland
-40°C to +55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
Operating Humidity 5 to 100% condensing
Operating Altitude 4420 m (14500') maximum
Shock & Vibration ETS 300-019-2-4 class 4M5
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T
MU-MIMO Device leverages beamforming to transmit to multiple clients simultaneously
Synchronization GPS + GLONASS allows for network-wide sync and interference avoidance
Collocation Synchronization and Mimosa Flexible TDMA allow for same tower co-channel collocation
TDMA Mode Optional TDMA protocol for increased network efficiency
Network Processing Advanced AP control for capacity and subscriber management
Auto Everything Automatic control of bandwidth, power and channel for optimal network performance
Mimosa cloud monitoring and management SNMPv2 & Syslog legacy monitoring HTTPS HTML5-based Web UI
2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n radio for local management access
Smart Spectrum
Active scan monitors/logs ongoing RF interference across channels (no service impact)
Dynamic auto-optimization of channel and bandwidth use
Security WPA2 + Mimosa 802.1x RADIUS
Future support of WPA2-Enterprise/HotSpot 2.0
Management VLAN support
QoS Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels
1PPS GPS TX/RX synchronization for colocated shared channel radios
Adjustable up/downstream bandwidth ratio
Regulatory + Compliance
Approvals* FCC Part 15.407 and Part 90Y, IC RS10, CE,
ETSI 301 893/302 502
RoHS Compliance Yes
Safety UL/EC/EN/ 60950-1 + CSA-22.2


Характеристики mimosa A5-90 Точка доступа 802.11ac до 250 клиентов 1.0Gbps
Область применения Внешнее
Поддержка PoE Есть
Рабочая частота 5 GHz
Стандарт WiFi 802.11 ac
Тип антенны Встроенная
Тип подключения WAN-port Ethernet
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